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The new e-cap is the most intelligent vent cap ever, fully protecting 
furnaces from moisture, dirt, debris & other Obstructions.
Peak Industries began with a simple vision — a need to protect flue pipe vents from outside elements that could affect the proper venting of high-efficiency gas furnaces.

A contractor working on a local air force base was asked to locate a PVC cap to help protect the vents of some 1000+ homes located on the base. They had experienced numerous service calls related to clogged drain lines causing water to back up in the draft inducer motor, rusting out the motors of these units. Also, debris, birds and squirrels were getting lodged in the vent line causing pressure switch failures. The homes that were using concentric vent kits were also experiencing problems, because the exhaust was still exposed to the elements.

After conducting exhaustive research, we found that several homeowners complained about clogged drains and other plumbing issues due to rodents getting lodged in the vent lines. This is when we decided to come up with an invention of our own to protect vents. We made the E-Cap to give your HVAC equipment the best protection from exterior obstructions.

Our unique design allows one cap to fit the most common 3 sizes of the PVC pipes used. We were able to accomplish our mission after receiving our patent to market the e-cap. HVAC manufacturers, including Goodman, Amana, Daikin, York, Fraser-Johnston, Luxaire, Coleman, Bosch, and others, tested the E-Cap with nothing short of superlative results. Thus, the E-Cap has become a prominent fixture in the HVAC industry.
"Peak Industries hasn’t invented a better mousetrap, but the E-Cap is close – for birds and rooftop squirrels. Peak Industrie's invention is infiltrating the heating-ventilation-air conditioning industry, one HVAC contractor at a time. Once they see the E-Cap, a cap for open-air rooftop PVC ventilation pipes, or to replace unsightly makeshift covers, contractors come calling, he said. “That’s what we’d been waiting for,” said Don Treece of Don Treece Heating & Air Conditioning in Bethany. PVC flue pipes started becoming common on rooftops in the 1990s when 90 percent efficient central heating systems came along. The increased efficiency reduced heat output, which allowed PVC to be used for ventilation instead of metal pipes, for which covers are common. No one ever came up with a simple way to keep rain, twigs, leaves and birds and squirrels, out of PVC pipes – either exhaust or intake – until now.”

~The Oklahoman;
Date: 2005 May 08

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