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There are a number of reasons why the E-Cap should be your choice for protecting vents and flue pipes. Under-protected pipes or P-traps can allow moisture, debris, or animals down the intake and vent flue of your HVAC or other equipment, shortening the life of the unit and damaging your investment.

  1. Peak Industries' creative invention, the E-Cap, offers:
  2. Superior design, function, and price in comparison to other conventional concentric vents
  3. Faster and easier installation than P-trap vents
  4. Resistant to heat, cold, precipitation, and UV radiation
  5. Protects furnace motor and interior from damaging due to moisture and debris
  6. Promotes unrestricted airflow of both intake and vent flue – will never freeze up with condensation
  7. Precisely and quickly fits 1.5”, 2”, and 3” PVC pipe with standard PVC glue
  8. Works perfectly in either vertical or horizontal flue pipe installations
  9. Can be used on all PVC-vented high-efficiency applications, such as HVAC exhausts and intakes, plumbing, radon gas vents, and high-efficiency tankless water heaters

E-Cap not only promotes unrestricted airflow of plumbing and radon gas vents but also protects the vent pipes from high winds, debris, and wildlife intrusions. It is also ideal to use on intake and exhaust of PVC-vented high-efficiency gas furnaces. Contact us today to learn more about the E-Cap. 

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“Just had to let you know what we think of the E-Cap. This is a great idea for our vent systems on our 90% furnaces. These caps have kept the leaves, cotton wood seeds, sticks, etc. out of our vent pipes that have caused numerous blocked vents during the heating season. One thing for sure, the E-Cap looks a lot better on the roof than the goose-neck configuration. How can anyone not like the E-Cap with its simplicity which proves to do so much good for the homeowner’s furnace system, and is the right thing for the contractor to add to the total package.”

~Greg / Field Service Rep.
a“A year ago when my air-conditioning system stopped working, I decided to have a 90 percent high-efficiency heating and air-conditioning unit installed with the understanding that with the soaring cost of gas usage my heating and cooling bills would not increase but could possibly even decrease. 

The contractor who installed the unit told me about an E-Cap that could help protect my investment by eliminating a lot of debris from going into the pipes on my roof. After a period of time an accumulation of debris and other objects could cause problems with my new system. I asked my heating and air-conditioning contractor to install 2. I have gone through all the seasons with no problems with my new system and with a decrease in monthly utility bills. I requested the contractor to come out and check the condensation from the system. I was pleased and amazed when he showed me the clean and clear condensation. I told him it looked clear enough to drink. I feel the cap has lived up to its purpose and that it is protecting my unit. Thanks for a product that helps protect hard-earned investments.”

~Elsaleen / Homeowner

Examples of why you need the E-Cap on all your vent pipes

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